Our products

MasterGrid offers a wide range of products based on both existing conventional and gas insulated technologies.

A controlled technology

With a multitude of features, the substation is used for transmission and distribution of electrical power, particularly via a range of equipment such as circuit-breakers, disconnect switches, power transformers, grounding devices or current and voltage transformers.  


Key player in electrical system services from high to low voltage, MasterGrid is expert in the two substation technologies: conventional substations and gas-insulated substations. Different kind of high voltage equipment and of GIS are manufactured in the workshops in Grenoble.

Conventional substations

Also called as air substations, this technology consists of insulating the electrical conductors simply using the air between two elements.This is the most commonly used type of substation. 

Drawing on its historical manufacturer know-how, MasterGrid has the technical knowledge and industrial capacities to support the customers who operate on the 12.000 units based worldwide. 

Gas Insulated Substations

The technology used for gas-insulated substations (GIS) – or metal-clad substations – consists of insulating the electrical conductors with sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6). Very compact, this technology and its equipment can be installed inside buildings or outdoors in a small space.


MasterGrid has the know-how to manufacture a complete range of GIS from 72 kV to 400 kV.

Our cutting-edge expertise combined with the agility of an independent entity allows us to anticipate your needs.