Our markets

MasterGrid deploys its expertise in various markets around the world.

From production to consumption

With our expertise and specific know-how, MasterGrid is present all along the electricity value chain, from generation through to consumption. You will be able to find our products and services in different areas of activity:

  • Power generation

Power transmission and distribution grids

Major infrastructures


Power generation

First step in the supply of electricity

Whether it is of thermal, hydraulic, nuclear, solar, or wind-powered origin, the electricity generated by these production units is sent to the electricity transmission grids via a high voltage substation. A key link in the electricity value chain, the availability of this installation is critical for always ensuring the response to the consumption demand.


Aware of the importance of these strategic and economic challenges for our customers, MasterGrid is approved by the largest electricity producers worldwide. We intervene every day both for conventional maintenance and for major renovation operations making it possible to extend your installations’ lifetime.

Power transmission

Worry-free and secure delivery

From generation centres to distribution networks, electricity transmission grids enable the delivery of energy. Interconnected by means of high voltage substations electricity can be delivered with complete peace of mind by regularly verifying the continuity of service of this strategic installations.


MasterGrid provides a complete range of services to transmission grid managers around the world.  

Power distribution

A very dense mesh

Distribution networks make it possible to deliver electricity to the final consumer. Consisting of multiple high voltage substations, these networks normally provide sufficient redundancy to accommodate potential failure, provided the maintenance and servicing operations are carried out regularly.


With substation audit tools, our specialist training centre and international presence, MasterGrid can meet the asset management requirements by proposing tailor-made solutions to suit your specific needs.


Activity of vital importance

Essential for the vitality of countries, major infrastructures such as railway networks, ports, airports, water and gas facilities are supplied with electricity from high voltage substations. They therefore enable their optimum performance and facilitate the lives of millions of citizens.   


With its customised support, MasterGrid can contribute to the availability of these strategic installations through maintenance contracts, audits and feasibility studies as well as projects for modifying or extending existing substations, whether in France or abroad.


Essential players

With the need for large amounts of electricity, certain industries have extremely energy-intensive, processes, such as the steel, cement and paper-making or petrochemical industries which require high voltage substations to ensure the security of their power supply.


With cutting-edge technical skills, we can provide you with support for conventional maintenance operations, as well as more complex projects such as the modification or extension of existing substations.

Our cutting-edge expertise combined with the agility of an independent entity allows us to anticipate your needs.